Equity Profile

W.M. Grace Companies not only develops, owns and manages its own commercial properties, it also provides the equity needed for other developer’s. W.M. Grace Companies uses its 50 years of experience in cost effective designs, competitive bidding, financing, entitlements and construction management to assist our partners in which we provide equity.

We keep a licensed architect on staff to help create a desirable design that not only meets the clients specifications but does so in a cost effective manner. Our architect balances the construction drawing design, and has field construction knowledge. This allows us to give the project architect the direction needed that will lead to quality buildings at a lower cost.

We have outstanding working relationships with many financial institutions. We use our liquidity to obtain the best financing terms available. Lower origination fees, lower interest rates, lower equity requirements, strong permanent loan conversion terms, etc. all help the partnership increase its overall return.

Our development executives have experience in the entitlement phase as well. Annexations, zoning, use permits, public hearings, HOA or neighborhood meetings, traffic mitigation requirements, and more are all considered normal courses of business at W.M. Grace Companies. Our understanding of the various entitlement issues helps shorten the project schedule and lower the cost of the project.

Our staff not only manages the design phase of the project, they also serve as construction management once the project starts the building process. This helps insure that the actual construction meets the intent of the design. It also helps a great deal in reducing costly change orders from the contractor.

We view these items as vital steps in any development process and we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with our joint venture partners.